Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. The aim of this type of massage is to release the tension in the muscle through slow strokes and direct deep pressure concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

Due to its ability to release an enormous amount of tension, deep tissue massage continues to increase in popularity in a world where tension reigns on every corner. It usually focuses on more specific areas and may cause some soreness during or right after the massage. However, if the massage is done correctly you should start to feel better than ever within a day or two.

In Deep Tissue Massage, fingers, hands, forearms and elbows may be used for optimal penetration of the muscle. The massage should not hurt but will be a little more uncomfortable than a Swedish massage. If you feel the pressure is too much or if the massage causes severe pain do not be brave, tell us as it may do more damage than restoration.

Deep tissue massage is not for everyone.
There can be mild to moderate discomfort during the massage as tight muscles are worked and there can be a day or two of soreness following the deep tissue massage (similar to after you complete a rigorous workout). If you tell us where your trouble spots are (everyone has one or two) before the massage starts, during the massage we will apply pressure and hold it for a few minutes before moving on, for extra relief. Your muscles need some rest after one of these massages, even if you feel no soreness. So do not plan any activities within a day of a Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep tissue massage is effective because of its technique which consists of slower, stronger movements that stimulate deep into the muscles. This can be especially helpful for athletes who expose their muscles to daily, intensive conditioning. Those suffering from certain conditions may also find deep tissue massage to be quite therapeutic. Sufferers of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, oedema, muscle cramping, and even carpal tunnel syndrome may find significant relief from deep tissue massage.

A deep tissue massage feels good and it is beneficial to your health. When muscles are stressed, they block oxygen and nutrients, leading to inflammation that builds up toxins in the muscle tissue. Being properly hydrated before you go to your massage appointment and drinking plenty of water after one of these massages is highly recommended as many toxins are released to help eliminate these toxins from the body. It’s important to be realistic about what one deep tissue massage can achieve. Many people ask for more pressure, thinking that if the
therapist just pushes hard enough, they can get rid of all their knots in one treatment. Undoing chronic knots and tension built up over a lifetime is best achieved with a program that includes exercise, work on your posture, relaxation techniques and ongoing and regular massage treatments.

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