Indian Head Massage has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.
This type of massage can provide deep relaxation by working on the areas affected by emotional and mental stress. It helps to alleviate the stress built up in the tissue, muscle and joints of the head, neck, shoulders and arms. It also includes a gentle face massage. This experience often calms the mind and leaves you feeling energised and revitalised whilst at the same time feeling warm, positive, peaceful and relaxed.

This is a seated massage where you may be fully clothed or asked to remove the outer layer of the upper part of your body. A small amount of oil may be used when working on the shoulder and neck area. Various movements and techniques are used such as deep kneading over the neck, shoulders and scalp and stimulating and pressure point strokes on the face. These techniques are used to stimulate, calm and revive the whole head,boost circulation, enhance the senses and promote healthy hair.

Regular treatments with Indian Head Massage can be beneficial in the prevention of stress and similar disorders. To begin with however, a course of 3 to 4 treatments may be advised for particular conditions and symptoms.

This type of treatment is contraindicated and should be avoided if you have had surgery or a head or neck injury recently.

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